Ear Pain TMJ

The most common cause of ear pain is that caused by infection or other problems within the ear and is therefore best dealt with by a medical doctor or ear specialist.

Where no obvious ear problem can be found or treatment for a suspected ear problem is not working the possibility of jaw pain should be seriously considered. Ear pain caused by a jaw problem can be very obvious with pain brought on by jaw movement or chewing or in many cases is not so obvious with a dull aching sensation being the only symptom.

People with jaw problems may complain of other hearing related problems which may be rectified by jaw treatment if caused by a jaw problem. A sensation of fullness or blockage in the ear which has not resolved following medical treatment can be assign of jaw related problems. Likewise people with jaw problems may complain of reduced hearing despite tests with audiologists indicating normal hearing.

Tinnitus or noise such as a humming or hissing noise may in some cases be caused by a jaw related problem. Tinnitus can be a very common problem and in some is very distressing and in most cases is caused by other problems and is not jaw related.

It is important to note that jaw problems can be a cause of ear problems, but this does not mean that people with un-explained ear problems should be assumed to have jaw problems.

Treatment will depend on a clear diagnosis of jaw related problems with ear problems being a possible consequence of this.

Doctors are often suspicious about jaw joint noise and will assume that a noisy joint is an indication of a serious jaw problem. This is most definitely not the case in the majority of people with jaw joint noise. [See section on joint noise]